How for you to Revise or even Critique an Essay as well as Paper

One Procedures: Editing and Proofreading Help

Editing and proofreading documents and documents may seem just like a daunting task. Stay with me for details and also advice on rigorously practising the document.



  1. Edit as well as Look at a great Dissertation or Report The first step Type two.jpg
    Review ones composing on the earlier to name frequent mistake sorts; take note these kind of common miscalculation areas.
  2. Edit or even Check a great Article as well as Paper Step Version 2.jpg
    Visit the  Chicago Handbook associated with Style  (site might have to have totally free registration) as well as Strunk and also White’s  Elements associated with Style.   Both equally websites include a seek function, helping you to look for and also see connection between your popular miscalculation varieties.
  3. Edit or maybe Critique an Article or Document Step 3 Edition a couple of.jpg
    Start composing the article in addition to document, making use of this suggestions along with suggestions gleaned in the design instructions.
  4. Edit or Proofread a great Essay as well as Paper Step Variation only two.jpg
    Distance by yourself from a function before you start the particular modification practice by taking some slack, whether it’s simply a couple of a few minutes as well as a few weeks.
  5. Edit or even Check a Composition or maybe Paper Move 5 Type 3.jpg
    Edit the report in this article, rereading to be sure ones cardstock is well-organized using clean part transitions which ones thesis is actually reinforced by simply reliable evidence.   Take your time on this course of action in order that you happen to be since comprehensive as it can be. Your modifying practice contains going over a number of different regions:
    • Content: examine your composition intended for content material completeness, being sure that you have achieved the job and that all the facts supplied is usually correct. Determine virtually any areas that may gain from extra specifics or even examples. Look at enabling an individual look at document, concentrating on just about any places which are ambiguous or even require more justification or perhaps support.
    • Structure:
      • Try making a brief put together of this report to ensure the corporation is usually plausible.
      • Review your creating to ensure your own introduction has a crystal clear thesis which makes apparent ones intent pertaining to producing. Test wondering you to definitely see the initial piece as well as a pair of and tell you exactly what the individual perceives your document will certainly focus on. Guarantee that future paragraphs correspond with your thesis and they are presented within a plausible order.
      • Make certain each one section posesses a subject matter sentence in your essay, knowning that each future sentence in the sentence relates to that matter.
    • Style: review your report to ensure your own sculpt is suitable for the target audience as well as reliable throughout your current document. Edit just about any difficult or wordy phrases to improve the particular understanding and effectiveness of the publishing and to ensure that the terminology is actually apparent and also easy. Look at examining the particular report out loud, being attentive intended for something that appears incorrect, not clear or even awkward. Also you can utilize text-to-speech application for this purpose.
    • Citations: always correctly refer to any quotes or even thoughts obtained from external options. Check out the  Chicago Guide involving Style  (site might have to have free registration) along with Strunk as well as White’s  Elements involving Style  intended for full home elevators appropriately citing your current solutions.
  6. Edit as well as Check a Essay as well as Document Action 6 Variation 2.jpg
    Proofread your own document.   Such as croping and editing, it is very important take the time through the proofreading procedure. Watch out for misspellings, grammatical errors and also typos. In proofreading, furthermore seriously consider syntax, punctuation as well as phrase alternative. Check out each malfunction form 1 by 1 to help capture more blunders. Read on pertaining to further specifics regarding proofreading.
    • Spelling: will not depend on ones concept processor’s spell check out function, because it will overlook any kind of misspellings that will type another concept. Should you typed in order to as opposed to two, one example is, tap out verify will not likely capture the actual miscalculation.
    • Grammar: will not depend way too heavily on your concept processor’s syntax checker. This specific element is actually most useful regarding identifying run-on phrases as well as usage of the passive words.
    • Punctuation: Know the reason why punctuation signifies have been placed in particular sites. Examine any punctuation policies that you are uncertain involving.
  7. Edit or even Check a Dissertation or perhaps Report Move 7 Version 2.jpg
    If you might be looking at a hard content of the paper, look at moving any ruler or perhaps blank little bit of report listed below while you understand, empowering good, line-by-line research.   In case you are proofreading right within your word processing system, analyze every sentence on their own. Purely important come back after each phrase will let you examine every single time period cautiously.
  8. Edit or perhaps Look at the Article or perhaps Document Step 8 Variation 2.jpg
    Allow another person for you to alter and also proofread your document.   Another set of two eye will get almost any glitches that you will find disregarded. Furthermore look at reading your current papers in the opposite direction, concept by term. This particular allows the human brain to be aware of everyone concept, permitting you to capture additional typos as well as grammatical mistakes.

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How to publish a Term Paper


Two Procedures: Sample PapersWriting Your Time period Paper

C’s could get levels, nevertheless simply a A+ dissertation generates a spot in your grandmother’s refrigerator or even your personal fridge. Have you been eliminating your very little collegiate bottom only to acquire average outcomes? Very well, say to Gran to get the magnets completely ready: adhere to these kinds of ways, and acquire your own time period reports for the scalp of the class.


Writing Your own personal Term Paper

    Choose ones subject.   Seek to make it because inventive as you can; in case you are provided the ability to settle on your own personal, make the most of this specific. Select some thing you happen to be specially interested in simply because this may make it easier to produce; particularly, seek to simply select the theme as a result of important questions you already know you wish to try to find answers to help. When you’ve decided on a topic, make sure you develop lower this to your do-able topic; ordinarily a subject matter will be initially too wide within the insurance coverage, which can make the item difficult to perform within the occasion in addition to room restrictions granted. Slim straight down your current subject to be able to something that really can end up being proved helpful inside boundaries from the paper. If the matter has already been preferred to suit your needs, begin researching special angles that can fixed your articles along with information in addition to the additional apparent techniques a good many others will most likely carry. Eventually, whatever perspective your matter usually takes, it should be both equally initial inside method in addition to unusual, one thing this viewer will be drawn into and  fascinated  by simply.
    • Take excellent health care to not go with a theme and turn into so collection on how the thing is that the outcome of the paper you’re finished in order to new ideas and ways of considering because you function with your papers. That is regarded inside academia as “premature cognitive commitment”. It could scar an or else good papers mainly because a end result which is pre-determined in your thoughts, no matter the exploration studies along the route, will be molded to install the actual end result, as opposed to the end result showing a real examination in the developments made. Instead, ask constant issues in regards to the subject matter with each period of your analysis as well as creating and find out the subject when it comes to a “hypothesis” in lieu of as being a realization. This way, you’ll anticipate to become inhibited in order to even have the view changed when you function with the cardstock.
    • Reading other’s feedback, viewpoints in addition to synonyms using a subject might provide help to refine your own personal, especially where by they will remark that “further research” becomes necessary or perhaps exactly where that they posit difficult concerns although depart all of them unanswered.
    • For even more assist, see  How you can establish a exploration topic.
  2. Do your  analysis.   It’s unnecessary to be able to introduction in to publishing before you might have done the research. You need to understand the background to the subject matter and the existing contemplating, together with figuring out what exactly potential analysis is regarded as necessary in your neighborhood. Even though it might be luring to be able to rehash data you already know really well, steer clear of accomplishing this or perhaps a person discover almost nothing through the investigation along with producing procedure. Begin study using a good sense connected with experience in addition to a visibility in order to learning issues you might have but to grasp, and also staying ready to locate completely new means of looking at aged issues. When studying, work with both principal (original wording, file, legal situation, interviews, test, and so on. ) as well as legitimate (other people’s interpretations and also explanations in the main source) resources. There is also a location for speaking about using like-minded college students and in many cases acquiring on the web discussion posts in regards to the subject if you feel cozy carrying this out nevertheless these kinds of discussions are intended for idea-sharing and helping you to serum your opinions and are not necessarily commonly quotable places. To find out more, here are several useful methods to think about:
    • How to help here – best service.
    • How to adopt paperwork,   The way to consider greater notes,   How you can acquire paperwork at a publication, The best way to consider notes with a book  and  The best way to get Cornell notes.
  3. Refine your  thesis statement.   After you’ve carried out the research, indicate returning on the chosen subject. At this point, it’s essential to pinpoint the actual solitary, strong strategy you can be talking about, ones affirmation that you simply believe it is possible to defend through the entire document in addition to so that it is clear to a reader exactly what they may be about to learn about and stay granted an audio finish in. The thesis declaration will be the spine of your article, the theory you will embark on to shield from the grammatical construction in which comply with. Provide that upwards half-baked as well as the the rest from the document is bound to end up being flavorless. Construct a new thesis that your particular investigation has proven is fascinating to you – this way, assistance it upwards will not be this kind of weary. Once you are happy your theme can be appear as well as responded, proceed to producing ones primary draft.
    • Remember which the study doesn’t end in this article. And also none does this thesis assertion, necessarily. Permit area for  flexibility  because you continue functioning through both exploration and also the composing, since you may would like to produce adjustments that line-up using the suggestions being created in mind plus the findings you keep uncover. On the other hand, complete try not to certainly be a steady locater whom by no means alights about a single thought with regard to concern with confinement. Sometime you are likely to have to state: “Enough is plenty for making my personal level in this article! inch In case you are therefore taken which has a subject matter, there is always the possibility of  postgraduate study  some evening but do not forget that the idea of report features a specific concept duration and due date!
  4. Develop an  outline  for your report.   Some people can certainly term paper omitting this; they may be a rare and often time-pressed particular breed of dog. It can be more effective to have an outline sketched out and about in order that you realize in which you’re headed, just like some sort of route map enables you to learn wherever you’re going from your for you to W. Such as the entire cardstock, this describe is not emerge natural stone but governed by adjustments. Even so, it can supply you with a good sense involving structure and also a construction to be able to slip back with if you lose on your path middle of the paper and it in addition serves since the bones of your cardstock, plus the relax is simply filling out the important points. You’ll find different strategies to building an outline and you could even have your very own, favored approach. Being a basic assistance, many of the fundamental aspects of an overview ought to include:
    • Introduction, dialogue paragraphs/sections and also bottom line or perhaps conclusion.
    • Descriptive or informative paragraphs following the launch, location the setting or design.
    • Analysis and debate paragraphs/sections. In your study, create the primary thought for every single body paragraph.
    • Any spectacular questions or even things you just aren’t still confident in relation to.
    • See  How to generate the outline  regarding additional information.
  5. Make ones level within the benefits.   The particular initial section is actually difficult but avoid turning it into any milestone. Of all the document, here is the portion frequently nearly all likely to end up rewritten as you carry on functioning through the document along with encounter alterations connected with path, move in addition to outcome. Consequently, see it while merely a method of starting out and also advise yourself it’s always revisable. This method allows you the particular flexibility in order to wreck it up although correct it seeing that desired. Additionally take advantage of this since enable you to aid yourself arrive at holds using the standard organization in the term document by simply detailing the dysfunction, one thing the particular reader will also will need to be familiar with from the beginning. Use STRUCK for the reason that means for having your intro underway:
    • Hook the actual audience using a issue or even a  estimate. Or simply bring up a new interested anecdote which will ultimately make absolute sense towards target audience inside the situation in the thesis.
    • Introduce your current matter. End up being concise, apparent and also easy.
    • Thesis statement. This certainly will are actually cleared up by now in the previous stage.
      • Don’t forget about to establish what within the dilemma! Words including “globalization” have numerous varying meanings along with it is advisable to condition those you may be utilizing in your initial part.
  6. Convince this viewer along with your body  grammatical construction.   Be sure each paragraph sustains your current disagreement within a brand-new way. Unclear your own body’s nearly activity? Attempt identifying the very first phrase of each and every part; collectively, they need to examine just like an index of evidence that will establishes your current thesis.
    • Try for you to associate the exact subject matter on the article (say, Plato’s Symposium) to your tangentially related problem you happen to learn anything regarding (say, your growing trend regarding free-wheeling hookups inside frat parties). Slowly and gradually take this piece about in your actual subject matter, in addition to complete a couple of generalizations with regards to the reason why that facet of the particular book/subject is so exciting and worth review (such as, precisely how various the particular targets intended for bodily closeness were being and then weighed against now).
  7. Conclude  together with power.   Use your ROCC procedure:
    • Restate your current thesis record.
    • One crucial depth which is commonly within your own final section.
    • Conclude – cover the item up.
    • Clincher – exactly where an individual supply the readers something eventually left take into consideration.
  8. Show many design.   Employing outdoors resources? Learn which often quotation style the tutor prefers, MLA  or APA (or different fashion for anyone who is not really inside USA). Each and every has a exact notation system, and so if you’re doubtful from the policies, verify the information (online versions are offered from owl. English. Purdue. EU). Peppering quotes in the course of ones text is obviously a great way to produce your current stage, nevertheless never overdo that and also be careful never to make use of so many estimates because embodiment of your respective factors that you will be basically letting various other creators of these studies to produce the purpose and generate this document for you personally.
    • Avoid slicing along with pasting by other’s reasons. At all cost work with prestigious thinkers inside field’s ideas in order to back up your personal contemplating nevertheless avoid saying almost nothing aside from “A claims… N says… “. The particular viewer desires to realize whatyou  point out in the long run.
    • It’s useful to fix your own bibliography from the beginning, to avoid creating a last second scramble:   Tips on how to create any bibliography,   The way to write a good APA fashion bibliography  and  The way to compose some sort of bibliography inside MLA file format.
  9. Burn excess weight, create lean muscle.   Living space are at reduced in a rated paper, consequently acquiring methods to cull terms is usually any reasonable technique. Are your current content in good shape? Look at every and also choose no matter whether you’ve utilized the particular fewest phrases probable although however maintaining this means.
    • Trade throughout weakened “to-be” verbs with regard to more powerful “action” verbs. By way of example: “I has been writing my personal expression paper” turns into “I composed our expression papers. “
  10. Don’t be described as a such a slob.   Jogging your  spelling-checker  is just the first step inproofreading  your current report! A new spell-check would not get errors similar to “how” instead of “show”, or should it recognize doubled text (“the the”) or maybe sentence structure issues (unless you employ MICROSOFT Phrase, which can be constructed to evaluate grammar, in addition to already catches increase words). Small goofs similar to these aren’t planning to impress the trainer – if you are as well careless in order to look at, of course, there’s a very good opportunity an individual failed to put considerably energy directly into the document. Deal with the clutter: question a buddy to see by way of the article, paying attention to just about any problems.
    • Decent grammar needs to be the. You’ll need a trainer to give you the advantage of the particular doubt, not really correct your  apostrophe use. A few lots of mistakes along with the information can be quickly missing under the soreness in the problems required.
  11. Think of the excellent subject in order to catch the actual reader’s focus, although not any a long time or even too brief one!   For some  essayists, a fantastic concept presents itself from the outset involving composing while regarding other folks, it merely becomes apparent immediately after slogging with the papers inside it’s entirety. If you’re nonetheless caught up, brainstorm which has a family member; you may be amazed what sort of clean mind unacquainted with all the matter can easily develop a pithy concept with a moment’s see!


  • Give by yourself sufficient time to accomplish the term papers. Certainly, the earlier an individual commence better, nevertheless when you begin just about any later than the proposed occasions desired, you will not have most of a trial. It is suggested the minimum amount time demands tend to be the following:
    • At lowest only two hrs with regard to 3-5 pages.
    • At least 4 hours intended for 8-10 pages.
    • At the very least 6 time regarding 12-15 pages.
    • Double these time in case you haven’t done just about any groundwork and also you haven’t gone to course.
    • For papers primarily research-based on, include with regards to 2 several hours to help people instances (although you should realize how to exploration easily as well as properly, further than your purview of the simple guide).
  • The greatest documents are usually like turf courtroom playing golf – the actual disagreement must stream in a “rally” fashion, developing persuasively towards conclusion.
  • If you have jammed, contemplate providing the prof a call. Whether or not you are still battling to get a thesis or perhaps you need to go over your own finish, many coaches are usually delighted to help and they’re going to keep in mind the motivation while grading period comes about.


  • Do remember to confirm the last draw up pertaining to problems in addition to omissions. These kind of irk indicators concise regarding cutting your general signifies in the event that there are ample errors.
  • Remember which expression papers producing is usually an important part of the school career. Be sure you consist of identify page, table regarding subject matter, human body with the report as well as reference page.
  • If you have outside sources , nor credit rating those people resources, you’ve got cheated (plagiarized). You might don’t succeed and perhaps receive kicked out of institution. Don’t defraud; it may not be worth it from your standpoint associated with shedding your own chances to keep mastering and it’s really scarcely helpful for assisting you retain the information and also create this analytical as well as in-depth comprehending you will have to make an application for the rest of this occupation course. Put your energy within right now, so that the relaxation of your respective expertise increasing develops much easier after.
  • Never return any paper written for one governed by another subject. The sole time period this is allowable is usually in which you’ve got asked for authorization and still have this all-clear to accomplish this. Remember that your own tutors or even lecturers do discuss between the other person along with they have observed every little thing previous to.


Tentang Syukuran Pernikahan

Saya tak pernah membayangkan pesta pernikahan yang besar dan ramai dan hiruk. Jadi, saat memutuskan menikah dengan Heru, saya bersepakat untuk menggelar syukuran saja. Sebuah pertemuan yang sederhana dan kecil saja karena hanya dihadiri hanya kerabat dan teman dekat. Untunglah Heru juga segendang sepenarian.

Kami berdua hanya punya waktu yang singkat, sebulan lebih sepekan untuk menyiapkan syukuran pernikahan, termasuk mengurus administrasi di kantor urusan agama. Kami menikah dengan cara Islam. Saya bersyukur bertemu Heru, yang dalam banyak hal bersepakat dengan keinginan calon istrinya kala itu. Beberapa yang saya inginkan memang di luar kelaziman :).

Saya misalnya tak merasa perlu mencantumkan nama ayah pada undangan. Dia tak mendebat soal ini. Saya sudah lama berdamai dengan kenyataan bahwa saya tak pernah memiliki kesempatan untuk mengenal ayah saya. Bagaimana parasnya. Bagaimana perangainya. Bagaimana tindak tanduk dan perilakunya. Saya hanya mengenalnya melalui namanya saja. Itu sudah. Jadi, saya putuskan saya hanya mencantumkan nama Ma’e saja, ibu saya. Saya merasa tak perlu membentuk gambaran layaknya keluarga yang utuh dengan menyebutkan nama bapak di undangan. Bahwa tak ada yang salah dengan keluarga yang hanya memiliki ibu saja.

Soal lokasi juga demikian. Semula kami ingin menggelar syukuran di panti asuhan. Tapi sampai beberapa hari, kami tak kunjung menemukan lokasi yang tepat. Sampai saya mendapatkan informasi mengenai panti wreda, rumah dari para manula. Namanya Panti Wreda Bina Bhakti, Serpong. Heru juga bersepakat soal ini. Panti ini teduh sekali, memiliki halaman yang luas, dan pengurus panti yang sangat baik, dan ramah, dan menolong, dan bersuka cita menyambut kami berdua. Ini syukuran untuk berbagi. Separuh dari hadiah pernikahan yang masuk diserahkan untuk membantu operasional panti. Dan ini kami sebutkan di undangan syukuran pernikahan.

Kami menikah pada Jumat, 14 Februari 2014. Pemilihan tanggal yang disesuaikan dengan jadwal libur ayah mertua saya. Akad nikah dilakukan selepas salat Jumat. Setelah itu, mulai jam tiga sore, para tamu berdatangan. Syukuran pada hari kerja, pada jam yang nanggung , di tempat yang tak mudah dijangkau (belum lagi dengan tambahan ruas jalan yang rusak menuju panti), untungnya tak mengurangi kebaikan hati para kerabat dan sahabat untuk datang.

Sore itu hujan tak turun. Padahal beberapa hari sebelumnya, hujan turun terus menerus. Jadi, kembali saya bersyukur. Acaranya santai sekali. Ada balon sabun yang ditiup untuk menyambut saya dan Heru, juga pelepasan 100 balon putih ke udara -agar harapan dan doa yang ditulis para undangan ikut terbang menuju langit-.

Saya berutang pada banyak teman. Pada Firman Firdaus yang mendesain undangan, pada Tia, yang tak pernah sekalipun bertemu dan menyanggupi untuk membantu merancang dekorasi pernikahan saat saya memintanya melalui surat elektronik. Alhamdulillah. Pada qq, sahabat yang ditemukan dari dunia maya sedekade lalu yang menjadi saksi pernikahan, dan pada banyak nama yang tak tersebut. Terima kasih banyak semua.

Senang sekali bertemu dengan orang-orang yang dekat karena saya menulis dan mereka menulis. Ada alaya dan Jingga, Mbak Neenoy, serta Mbak Bril.

Ada tulisan dari LivingLoving perihal syukuran pernikahan saya dan Heru yang bisa dilihat di sini. Terima kasih LivingLoving :).

Putu, saya mengenalnya saat menjadi relawan di Kelas Inspirasi, membuatkan video untuk hari bahagia itu.

Semoga perjalanan saya dan Heru ke depan dimudahkan dan kami berdua selalu menyayangi :). Bismillah.

Tentang Doa

Foto oleh: Ilham Tawakkal

Hubungan saya dengan Tuhan bisa dibilang bukan hubungan yang erat dan terus menanjak. Sebaliknya, beberapa tahun terakhir, sebagai seorang muslim saya justru meninggalkan sholat dan tidak berdoa. Kehidupan saya berantakan. Saya didera kecemasan yang terus menerus dan menahun. Saya bolak balik konseling. Kekasih saya selama tujuh tahun waktu itu akhirnya menyerah; berhenti mencintai saya, memilih melanjutkan kisah dengan yang lain. Saya juga merasa karir saya begini begini saja. Saya tak kunjung melanjutkan pendidikan master. Terakhir, wawancara beasiswa ke Amerika Serikat juga tidak berhasil (saya harus puas di peringkat kedelapan, sedangkan donor hanya memberangkatkan enam orang). Gelap. Saya merasa tua, 34 tahun, dan tanpa pencapaian.

Anehnya, meski banyak orang bilang, orang justru mencari Tuhan saat dirundung kesedihan, tampaknya tidak demikian dengan yang saya alami. Kemalasan saya untuk sholat saat itu semakin menjadi-jadi. Dan jarak saya dengan Tuhan terus bertambah lebar, dan lebar, dan … lebar.

Tapi saya bersyukur, sampai saat ini, bahwa akhirnya saya sampai ke titik balik. Saya lupa bagaimana caranya. Yang saya tahu, saya akhirnya menetapkan batas dari titik terendah di hidup saya saat itu. Untuk kemampuan ini, saya sangat berutang budi pada teman-teman baik yang terus ada, memberi terang, menemani, dan menyemangati.

Setelah itu, saya menata kembali banyak hal. Meski sulit dan didera kesedihan yang sangat, saya belajar mengikhlaskan dan memaafkan, termasuk memaafkan diri sendiri atas banyak kealpaan yang saya lakukan. Saya juga sampai pada kesadaran bahwa hidup bukan melulu soal menemukan pasangan jiwa. Yang paling penting adalah bagaimana kita terus memperbaiki diri, bersyukur, dan berbagi dengan orang lain. Perlahan, saya mulai kembali sholat. Lima waktu. Saya bangun subuh dan menutup hari dengan Isya. Saya berterima kasih atas kesehatan yang Allah berikan, atas kasih sayang ibu saya, atas perhatian dan budi baik teman-teman dekat.

Saya juga mulai kembali berdoa. Saya memohon Allah menjaga saya dari hal-hal buruk, memberikan saya kekuatan untuk menerima banyak hal, perubahan, jalan hidup yang berbelok -jauh dari apa yang saya rencanakan-, dan melimpahkan saya kesabaran. Begitu terus. Saya mohon Allah menjaga saya.

Dari sekian harapan tadi, ada doa yang saya ucapkan hanya satu kali saja. Saya ingat betul itu. Doa selepas sholat malam. Waktu itu saya berkata: Allah, setelah ini Atta enggak akan berdoa lagi soal pasangan hidup. Atta yakin dan percaya betul Allah Maha Menentukan. Kalau memang belum ada yang Allah siapkan, Atta minta Allah berikan Atta kesehatan, supaya ada banyak hal yang bisa Atta kerjakan. Tapi kalau memang Allah sudah gariskan, dekatkan hanya orang yang baik, yang bisa terus bersama-sama dalam susah dan senang, yang menyayangi dan mengasihi senantiasa. Atta ikhlas dengan ketentuan Allah. Amin.

Saya lupa apa saya menangis atau tidak saat mengucapkan itu. Tapi selesai berdoa saya lega sekali. Kepasrahan yang dalam. Saya berprasangka baik pada Sang Pemilik Hidup.

Dan, setelah itu, saya berkenalan dengan Heru, suami saya sekarang. Kami bertemu akhir Agustus dalam sebuah pelatihan jurnalistik mengenai pekerja rumah tangga, isu yang kurang banyak muncul di media. Saya mengorganisir acara, termasuk menjadi fasilitator, dan moderator untuk beberapa sesi, dan Heru salah satu pesertanya. Pelatihannya singkat saja, hanya dua hari. Kami juga tak banyak bertegur sapa selama pelatihan.

Setelah pelatihan, kami tak lagi berkomunikasi. Sampai satu hari, awal Oktober, saya melayangkan kicauan di Twitter, membalas kicauannya soal kamera miliknya yang baru saja dijual. Heru bekerja sebagai fotografer. Saya bertanya, sekarang kamera apa yang digunakannya dan bisakah saya ikut kalau dia berniat berburu foto (Lama sekali kamera saya nganggur ). Dia menjawab. Kami lalu berkomunikasi via pesan langsung. Lalu saya bertanya apakah dia bisa dihubungi via WhatsApp. Saya bahkan harus bertanya nomor telepon Heru karena saya tak meminta dan menyimpannya selepas pelatihan (duh :p).

Setelah pesan langsung itu, saya menyapanya melalui pesan instan. Dan setelahnya kami hanya bertemu muka tiga kali saja sebelum pada pertengahan Oktober (hanya 18 hari setelah percakapan pertama kali di Twitter), Heru bertanya apa saya mau menikah dengannya. Sejak awal, saya memang memberi pesan bahwa rasanya saya tak lagi punya energi untuk turun naik dalam ketidakjelasan dan menebak apa maunya pasangan. Bukan itu lagi yang saya perlukan.

Saya menjawab ajakannya dengan kesanggupan untuk menikah. Dan setelahnya, adalah perjalanan menyusun rencana pernikahan, termasuk kunjungan bapak dan ibu Heru ke rumah saya. Mereka datang pada pekan ketiga Desember. Kami menikah pada Jumat, 14 Februari di Panti Wreda Bina Bhakti, Serpong; rumah dari 74 manula dan para penjaga panti yang baik hati.

Banyak penyesuaian yang harus saya dan Heru lakukan. Tapi Heru sungguh pasangan yang sangat berbesar hati dan sabar dan tenang. Dan untuk itu, saya bersyukur, sangat. Saya percaya bahwa perjalanan ke depan mungkin tidak semuanya mudah. Tapi yang saya tahu, sekarang, seperti bunyi sebuah hadis, bahwa Allah tergantung pada prasangka hamba-Nya, saya hanya mau berpikiran baik tentang ketentuan yang Allah gariskan. Saya akan berupaya menjaga hubungan ini dan memperbaiki diri di dalamnya. Semoga saya tak pernah ada lagi di masa di mana jarak saya dengan Tuhan terentang begitu lebar.